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Pros HR Advisors


Pros HR Advisors provides efficient Human Resource Solutions to Companies
Instead of spending a huge cost and big time for daily and operation works, let’s support clients to save time, save money, grow and retain employee. With big available applicant pools, Pros HR Advisors is confident to bring a qualified and fast services for all industrial fields at lowest cost.

Our Services
• Talent recruitment – Search, interview and select qualified candidates to meet the specific needs of each client.
• Online job posting service – Search for candidates from www.prosworks.vn database. Employers post jobs online, Job seekers register their resumes on the job site www.prosworks.vn.
• Mass recruitment – Professional HR consultants with big data on job seekers to meet clients’ needs.
• Consulting & building HR system
• Design organizational structure, job titles, job descriptions, structure of functions, tasks, competency framework.
• Develop employee evaluation system according to KPI.
• Developing a system of salary scale, reward and remuneration policies.
• Advising on labor law and helping clients deal with headaches such as disciplinary and dismissal procedures, labor relations, and restructuring.
• Payroll / PIT / Insurance Calculation Services – Calculate and report payroll, PIT, monthly insurance and PIT finalization.

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